Elmubas Petfoodgroup

Specialists in pet nutrition

Millions of pets agree

Domestic pets all round the world, every day, enjoy our products.

The experience we have acquired over decades allows us to offer nutritional solutions for different breeds and activities.

Quality knows no borders

Over 30 years of experience in the sector feeding millions of pets on 5 continents.

The quality of our products and services has allowed Elmubas Petfoodgroup to become a referential company for pet food brands all round the world.

Elmubas Petfoodgroup has a complete manufacturing process, from the researching and selection of ingredients, to packaging and later delivery. Our personalized production guarantees 100% delivery in record time, in which, the product is at your disposal in our factory in record time.

Specialists in Pet Food

A well-fed pet is a happy pet. Behind a happy pet, there is a satisfied, proud owner.

A specialized human team and an efficient structure for product research and development makes it possible for Elmubas Petfoodgroup to offer a wide range of exceptional high quality products.

Experience at the Service of Your Brand

An efficient production strategy designed to respond to the needs of the brands for which we prepare specialized menus.

After studying the needs of your brand, our nutrition experts prepare an adequate recipe to cover your objectives with a product that satisfies the nutritional requirements of each type of animal, adapted to the specific characteristics of their digestive tract.

With a production capacity of more than 360,000 tons every year, the products we prepare are internationally commercialized with the brand of our clients.

The Best Professionals at Your Service

The professionalism of our team defines the excellence of our products.

The people forming the human team at Elmubas Petfoodgroup perform their daily routine based on efficiency and rigour, standing out because of their proactiveness, their specific knowledge and passion for pets.

Modern Facilities Unique in Europe

Our factory boasts the largest production capacity in europe in any single plant.

Elmubas Petfoodgroup has its own facilities on 28,000 square meters, from where we offer service based on the best current standard for infrastructures, equipment and technology.

For the preparation of our products, we have an automated production plant, where rigorously selected and analyzed ingredients are processed in our different extrusion lines. We also have several packaging lines that allow us to personalize and adapt the formats and packages according to the need of the product and the requirements of the client’s brand.


We are aware of our responsibility when carrying out our activity, and therefore we are committed to contributing to sustainability, basing our projects on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.