Age, an important factor in your cat’s nutrition

What should I feed my cat, how much, and how often? One of the key factors in answering this question is age.

A cat’s dietary needs change throughout the various life stages,

just as it happens with people, and the diet will differ depending on whether your pet is a kitten under one year old, an adult cat aged between 1 and 7 years, or a senior cat aged 7 years or more.

Just like dogs, cats need more nutrients when they are younger and are growing. Meal frequencies also depend on age. Adult cats can eat twice a day while kittens should do so between 3 and 5 times daily until they reach maturity.

From that point, things become much simpler, because you don’t have to ration their food. If you leave their daily ration in the feeder, they will decide when to eat.

Remember that as important as their daily food ration, is having access to clean and fresh water. This way, your cat will have a healthy and happy life at all stages.

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