How much should you feed your pet?

If you’ve just welcomed a dog or cat into your home, especially if it’s your first pet, it’s likely one of the first questions you’ve asked yourself. Perhaps even the very first one:

How much should you feed your pet?

Don’t worry, because pet food packages usually include feeding recommendations which will be very helpful to guide you. Note, however, they’re only meant to be a guide, to provide a rough estimate.

Each animal has unique requirements based on age, breed, size, body condition, health status, activity, and even the environmental conditions around them. Furthermore, they will have their own tastes, which you’ll learn to recognise over time and living together.

Remember, just like with human diet, there’s more than one correct, safe, and healthy way to feed your pet.

You just need to ensure the diet meets three conditions. Firstly, that the foods provide the nutrients needed for your animal’s physiological state. This way, your pet’s nutritional needs will always be met.

Secondly, ensure these foods are complete and balanced, and also easy to digest, like for instance, the recipes we prepare at Elmubas.

And lastly, consider palatability, that is, choose foods your pet likes or can eat with enthusiasm.

Remember, a well-fed pet is a happy pet.

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