Emotional benefits of pet ownership

At Elmubas Petfoodgroup, we specialise in food for dogs and cats, and want to help you take care of your pet.

Did you know that having an animal at home brings emotional benefits to people of all ages?

Children from families with dogstend to be more physically active. It’s proven that having pets improves their immune function.

In elderly people, pets can moderatethe impact of stress, even in situations as difficult as grieving the loss of a loved one.

Dogs also help peoplewith physical disabilities, such as blindness. They can detect medical disordersand warning of serious symptoms like seizures.

Schools, care homes for the elderly, health centres… there are many environments where dogshave a positive impact. And more and more specialists claim it would be good to incorporate them into workplaces.

Although the simplest reason to have a pet is that it makes us happy.

At Elmubas, we are aware of the importanceof the emotional bond between people and their pets. That’s why our mission is to support their health and wellbeing by offering them the best food we can provide.

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