FOOD2ODS: A tool for the Sustainable Development Goals in the food sector

Our effort to be more competitive, our passion for innovation and, above all, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our commitment to integrate the SDGs into our activity. What are the SDGs? They are the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations for all organisations, administrations and companies that, like Elmubas Petfoodgroup, want to help achieve a more sustainable planet.

In line with this commitment, we have taken part in FOOD2ODS, a project aimed at setting up models to help and support companies that are integrating the SDGs into their activity. How can we help companies in the food sector to integrate these goals into their activity? To answer this question, Elmubas Petfoodgroup, Elosegi, Urkabe and Ameztoy, four companies in the same sector – the food sector – and in the same territory – Gipuzkoa – have been working together for several months.

At Elmubas we have helped develop a tool to help companies in the food sector integrate the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have acted as the driving force behind a project coordinated by the Basque Food Cluster, with the collaboration of the social innovation consultancy Sinnple. Thanks to this work, companies in the food sector now have a digital tool that will help them advance in the process of integrating the SDGs and improve their competitiveness.

We present an infographic that shows our contribution to the SDGs through real data on issues such as the presence of women in positions of responsibility, initiatives against food waste, the use of renewable energies or the commitment to quality food, among others.

They have been months of very productive work, which have allowed us to diagnose our situation in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to a process based on cooperation and mutual learning, value proposals have been generated for each participating company, focused on the SDGs that have the greatest impact on the activity of each one. To this end, at Elmubas we have created a strategic SDG committee and we have carried out creative sessions to encourage the involvement of our work teams.

Thanks to all this effort, we have realised that we do much more than we think we do in the field of sustainability, even within our own companies.

Ameztoi Anaiak offers healthy homemade food at home, Bodegas Elosegi has been making wines for more than 120 years, the master butchers of Urkabe Benetan were pioneers in making cooked ham in the Basque Country and, as pet food manufacturers, at Elmubas Petfoodgroup we are leaders in our sector and specialists in manufacturing products for our customers’ brands.

Four companies in the same sector – food – and in the same territory – Gipuzkoa – that offer very different products, aimed at different segments of the population, with production processes that are not very similar, and with which we are united by more things than they seem and more important.

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