Mobility Plan: What are the barriers to sustainable mobility?

Elmubas’ headquarters are located 2 kilometres from the centre of Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa), in an industrial estate with a constant flow of lorries, no cycle lane or safe lane for pedestrians, which cannot be reached by public transport and which has no parking for electric vehicles or bicycles. This situation is the real challenge for our Mobility Plan.

Why do the majority of our workers choose to travel alone in their own car, the most expensive and least sustainable option? The answers indicate that the main reasons are poor connections with public transport, not identifying people who can make the same or similar journeys and the lack of a car park with electric chargers. People from Azpeitia and Azkoitia, who represent 70% of the workforce, are also deterred by the lack of bicycle parking.

After analysing the results of the survey, we made a calculation of emissions to find out where they are produced and how to tackle them. Of the 239 tonnes of CO2 generated annually by our staff’s journeys, 17% correspond to journeys from Azpeitia and Azkoitia, where 70% of our staff live.

Workers coming from coastal municipalities (mainly San Sebastian, Getaria, Zarautz, Zumaia and Zestoa) generate 36% of the total emissions and the remaining 28% correspond to residents in inland municipalities of Gipuzkoa (mainly Arrasate, Bergara, Eibar and Elgoibar).

In addition, another 19% of emissions come from scattered municipalities where it is difficult for them to share cars and initiatives should focus more on the sustainability of vehicles or driving.