Elmubas Petfoodgroup’s First Sustainable Mobility Plan

Since we adopted the commitment to try to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), at Elmubas Petfood Group we have asked ourselves how we can become a more sustainable company and today we want to tell you about one of the first results of this reflection, our first sustainable mobility plan.

This plan, in collaboration with specialised consultancy Sinnple, aims to cut emissions from our operations in accordance with the Basque Government’s energy sustainability decree. We aim to significantly reduce emissions related to staff commuting, targeting a 25% reduction per person by 2025, with a potential up to 50% reduction by 2030.

We explain below the first three actions that we will implement:

1. Reducing unnecessary journeys

To begin with, efforts will be made to limit any unnecessary travel. For this purpose, our staff will have access to videoconferencing and video call tools and spaces to minimize the need for meetings outside the office and travel whenever feasible.

2. Improving private vehicle management

We will also try to improve the management of private vehicles. To this end, we will provide our staff with apps that make it easier to find people with similar itineraries and schedules with whom to share a vehicle. And we will promote the use of the Drive Smart app, which analyses drivers’ driving habits and behaviour and encourages them to drive more efficiently.

3. Encouraging walking and cycling

We have also proposed to carry out campaigns with prizes and discount vouchers to encourage people to walk or cycle. In addition, we will provide our staff with manuals and maps with the best routes to get to Elmubas Petfood Group. Elmubas employees will also receive a simple manual on sustainable mobility and an awareness talk on efficient driving.

We hope that our first Mobility Plan produces satisfactory results, which we will share in this blog, and helps us achieve our goal of being a company known for both quality products and services and social and environmental responsibility.