Video: How we made our sustainable mobility plan

Elmubas Petfoodgroup aims to be more sustainable, and reduce the environmental impact of commuting of our employee commuting.

To achieve this, we’ve developed our first Sustainable Mobility Plan.

This tool has helped us to understand our initial situation and we expect it to help us to achieve our targets.

To develop this plan, we’ve relied on the best we have: our human team. Our first step was to send a questionnaire to the staff to find out how they travel to work.

The majority do so by car, especially those living closer. 9 out of 10 travel without any passengers. Those who carpool the most are the ones living further away. In total, 7%. Other 3% walk or cycle. And only 1% choose public transport.

The next step in the Mobility Plan was the analysis of the results.

At Elmubas Petfoodgroup, we don’t tell you what we are. We tell you what we do.

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