Water, the essential nutrient in your pet’s diet

At Elmubas Petfoodgroup we are specialists in dog and cat food, and we want to help you take care of your pet.

When we talk about essential nutrients for our pet, we think of some like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, or vitamins, but we forget about water.

Water is an essential nutrient for our pet’s body to function properly. Also, it helps regulate body temperature. Water is essential for both digestion and the elimination of food. Without water, your pet couldn’t absorb the nutrients present in its food.

In addition, a lack of water would be noticed earlier that a lack of any other nutrient. Signs of dehydration would appear.

When an animal dehydrates, the blood volume decreases, causing an electrolyte imbalance. This imbalance severely limits the control of temperature and cell function. This can lead to serious organ damage and even death.

That’s why it’s important for the animal to have clean and fresh water available, as we indicate in our products.

And, of course, in case of doubt, always consult a veterinarian.


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