We are part of the Basque Food Cluster: more than 130 companies, a common challenge

Creating healthier and more sustainable food, improving the competitiveness of companies in the food sector and promoting their development through cooperation, generating added value through innovation and a clear focus on the market and the consumer. This is the objective for which the Basque Food Cluster was created and for which it works.

More than 130 companies in the food sector united to strengthen the sector and jointly face the challenges associated with health and sustainability.

The cluster, to which Elmubas Petfoodgroup belongs, was created as a space for meeting and trust in which all the companies can count on and contribute, and which allows them to expand their network of collaborators, share knowledge and gain value through cooperation.

FOOD2ODS is not the only sustainability-related project in which the Basque Food Cluster participates. The cluster also coordinates Gesenfood, a project focused on the challenges and opportunities arising from the Royal Decree on Packaging and Packaging Waste, and P-Cas, a legal, technological and market surveillance project to bring the latest developments in sustainable food to SMEs.

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